Stage 4 : Engine & Gearbox

Building » Stage 4 : Engine & Gearbox

Using the Animoto gearbox mounting and engine can be bolted to the engine cradle on the Fiat rubber bushes. The engine cradle is lifted into place in the rear of the chassis and bolted.

The pedal box requires a slight modification to operate the Punto hydraulic clutch and is then bolted into place. The fuel tank is located on the front of the bulkhead, fixing with a tank strap. The fuel line runs through the channel in the floor between the central tubes. The servo vacuum pipe also runs through this channel.

Standard Seicento radiator mounts onto the brackets provided. The battery can be panel mounted at the rear if usign a Redtop or similar lightweight version or floor mounted if reusing the Fiat battery.

The handbrake mounts on to bracket supplied with the kit and the gear change cables mount to the front. The Seicento gear lever just bolts onto the chassis although we recommend shortening the lever.
Requires : Battery, gear change cables, fuel tank, fuel pipe.
Budget : £300 to £400