Stage 3 : Rolling Chassis

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The next stage can be acheived in just a few hours and involves basically just bolting components onto the chassis. Front Fiat wishbones, complete with hubs simply bolt on with the Animoto front strut. Drive shafts are of course removed from the front leaving just the end of the UJ which hold the hub flange in place. Fiat steering rack, pedal box and brake servo bolts onto the bulkhead. Standard Fiat steering column fits into place with four bolts. Rear wishbones and rear dampers just bolt into place. Standard Fiat calipers bolt onto the front and the VW caliper bolts onto the rear wishbone. Wheels can now be fitted and the chassis is rolling.
Requires : 2 x Animoto front struts, 2 x Rear dampers, Nuts and bolts
Budget : £710