Stage 1 : Donor Vehicle

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The first stage is to source and prepare all the donor vehicle parts required for the construction of the Animoto buggy. A running Fiat Seicento is a good idea then you can sure the engine and gearbox are in good condition but and accident damaged or MOT failure Fiat can be as good. Strip all the parts you require and if you have the time and patience then strip some more and list on eBay as many of the parts will sell. When you have finished take the shell to a scrap metal dealer rather than a scrap yard to sell at scrap metal value and by then you may well have recouped the entire cost of the donor vehicle as well as sourced all the parts you need. Target for total outlay so far should be close to zero.
Once you have all the parts it is worth spending some time at this stage cleaning, shot blasting and painting then the parts are ready for use.
Requires : Fiat Seicento, Fiat Punto clutch master and slave cylinders + reservoir, VW Golf MK 4 rear brake calipers.
Budget : Expect £50 to £300 for a donor and at least £100 back for parts and scrap.